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Yoga 4 reshapes slim slim waist

Yoga 4 reshapes slim slim waist

Women will dream of becoming the most dazzling star in everyone’s eyes. When you have a charming figure, every angle is flawless, and naturally it becomes the focus of everyone’s eyes.

Xiaobian Life Special has created a 360-degree perfect weight-loss plan for you. It integrates all kinds of healthy weight-loss information to help you have a perfect body!

  The excess meat on the waist and abdomen is often the biggest headache for obese people. Weight loss is carried out day by day, but the small belly is growing day by day.

To rid this nasty “swimming circle”, you must learn this set of thin waist yoga. Saving the bucket waist depends on it.

  Twisting body shape sports towel: Knot the towel into a ball-like protrusion to bend and close to the top 1, face up, wrists spread sideways on the floor, sandwich the towel ball between each other, avoid bending and close胫骨 边2,将两边对齐拉近头骨,并向旁边倾倒小提醒:脸朝向和对准不同的方向另一边也同样照做3,另一边也同样照做,练习8-15次作用:紧缩腹部Overall muscles, use exercise to strengthen the length of the most effective back waist waist sports towel: Wrap the towel to the back of the waist, about the length of the waist to the waist. Hold the towel 1 with the palms down, lie on your stomach, and gently stretch your legs.Open it, move the towel to the waist, hold the towel with your palms facing downwards, pull down the towel, open it and fix it. Reminder: Do n’t pull your elbows, you should lift your feet and the upper body at the same time near the abdominal side.One foot and the upper body are raised at the same time. Small reminder: the waist bones are attached to the floor, put your feet up

Color therapy about psychological abnormalities

Color therapy about psychological abnormalities

The tense rhythm of life in modern society is suffocating. People have begun to turn their attention to nature, return to the basics, and rediscover the magical methods of cure and health care in ancient times.

Color therapy is an ancient remedy for complications.

  Human research on color and its impact on the human body has a long history, and it is the spiritual foundation of ancient civilization.

Greek philosopher and scientist Aristotle did extensive research on color.

The famous doctor Alberto?

Magno’s treatise on color published in the Middle Ages is still very valuable today.

  Understanding the physiological effects of various colors, and using colors properly can eliminate fatigue, suppress irritability, control mood, adjust and improve human body function.

  According to research, certain diseases are largely caused by chromatographic imbalances or certain colors in the human body.

There are 7 kinds of gland centers in our body, which are distributed in different parts of the spine.

Each color can generate an electromagnetic wavelength, which is transmitted by the visual nerves to the brain, which triggers the glands to secrete hormones, which affects people’s psychology and the body, achieving medical effects.

  Each color has its own unique effect, making people have different emotions.

Proper use of color in decoration, makeup, clothing and advertising can achieve pleasing results.

In addition to its medical role, color also has certain symbolic significance and social attributes, which have a significant impact on human life.

  White symbolizes truth, light, purity, chastity, innocence, and happiness, giving a bright and fresh feeling.

  Red is a warm color, it symbolizes blood, fire, life and love.

Its psychological effects can promote blood circulation, accelerate breathing and treat depression, and have a significant effect on the human circulatory system and nervous system.

  Green is a symbol of hope, giving people a sense of tranquility, which can reduce intraocular pressure, reduce visual fatigue, stabilize emotions, slow people’s breathing, reduce the burden on the heart, and lower blood pressure.

  Purple represents softness, concession, and contemplation, giving people tranquility, calmness, and fantasy, which can treat brain diseases and mental disorders.

  Yellow is the most pleasing color in the color spectrum. It is considered a symbol of knowledge and light. It can stimulate the nervous system and improve brain function. It stimulates vitality and inspires agility.

  Orange is a symbol of new ideas and youth. It feels warm, lively, and enthusiastic. It can inspire people’s thinking and can effectively stimulate people’s emotions and promote digestive function.

  Blue means calm, serious, science, joy, beauty, harmony and contentment. It is often used to relax muscle tension, relax nerves and improve blood circulation.

  Black represents death and darkness, which makes people feel sad, dim, sad and oppressive.

  In daily life, the correct use of the color of clothing and cosmetics and the reasonable treatment of the color of the room can not only make people enjoy the charm of art, but also promote human health.

Legal quarrel day in our house_1

“Legal” quarrel day in our house

His wife is equal to 600 sparrows.
This definition stems from the theory of “Sino-foreign joint ventures”: Chinese people say that women love to be sloppy, and only speak in February the least in a year, because February has only 28 days; another foreign saying is “two women equal 1,000 sparrows”.
Probably foreign countries still do not produce “high-power products” of my wife, otherwise this proverb should be called “two women equal 1200 sparrows”.
So many “sparrows” chatter endlessly in their ears, this is how men live!
  Over time, with the cultivation and training of my wife, I had to develop professionally in the field of “sparrows”.
As a result, there were small quarrels every day, big quarrels were three or six, and it was a scene in our family. The quarrel made the word “divorce” light up many times. Seeing that a “Nestle” would end up being quarreled, the two people felt thatThe old love is still heavy and loving.
After all, they are all “cultural sparrows” with higher education.
In order to preserve this “Nestle”, we calmly thought about countermeasures and finally found a wonderful love recipe.
Upon my husband’s proposal, my wife raised her hand to agree, and a “family law” was grandly introduced: set a weekend for our family’s “arguing day”, stipulate that noisy weekdays will be closed, and only give the “sparrows” a chance on Saturday afternoon, leavingA self-retained land with its own personality, to achieve the purpose of venting and maintaining psychological balance.
  The first quarrel day finally came sacredly and solemnly.
After a nap, I pushed my sleeping wife to wake up: “Get up, it’s time to fight!
This joke opening remark cut the quarrel day.
His wife was annoyed by disturbing good dreams.
“Look, here’s the fire.
  The fire spread quickly, and the wife turned over and got up, and the quarrel was well-founded: “Last name Zeng, listen!
On Monday night, you violated the house rules for washing your dishes and shamelessly refused to wash the dishes!
On Tuesday, you do n’t report and do n’t pay the manuscript fee, keep your small vault privately, violate the family financial system, and commit the crime of cheating your wife!
On Thursday, you bought two packs of low-end cigarettes privately, and blatantly violated my policy of “smoke less, smoke better”, committing serious liberalism!
And Saturday, just now, I was awakened by you before I could sleep enough to make my mood into an unpleasant state of quarreling in advance, cruelly injuring my physical and mental health . Your dead husband is not happy to bow his head and plead guilty!
In the state of quarrel, I did n’t need to prepare. I immediately found the quarrel feeling and calmly responded: “I should wash the dishes on Monday, but it means that I have three meals in the morning, middle and evening, and night meals are not within my responsibility.Reasons to protect my legal rights!
On Tuesday night, you dominated a TV channel for 3 hours. I was so angry that I wanted to smash the TV and couldn’t bear it!
On Friday, you turned black and white upside down, an article that slandered me like a slut’s foot wrap was smelly and long, hit my enthusiasm, and seriously hurt my pride . Your dead wife has not been thoroughly reviewed!
For a while, I scolded, and the flames of war in the room were fierce, tense and fierce.
  On the first quarrel day, both sides were very enjoyable. The quarrel was very successful, complete and brilliant, and they did not retreat until the two people were dry and hungry.
When the voice calmed down, the two turned out to be abnormal and cooperated to make dinner.
I said that after I vented, you would not be so hateful; my wife said she felt relieved and happier after she scolded.
So both of them lamented that if there was no such space for centralized venting, we would be angry every day and accumulate resentment, and our feelings would not be able to pass away.

Grasp skin care details to fight the four major aging_1

Grasp skin care details to fight the four major aging

The word “details” is easily overlooked in skin care.

Yet these details often reveal your age secrets.

How to grasp the details of skin care and become an ageless beauty?

Xiaobian takes you to understand the 4 most aging-prone parts, connect the anti-aging difficult points one by one.

  In addition to the daily skin care, Aimei MMs also need to take care of sensitive and vulnerable parts.

What are some of the things we are most likely to age and are most easily overlooked?

Come and understand with me.

  1. Decree lines The most susceptible part of the face is not the eyes or the forehead, but the leg lines on the sides of the nose.

Many of the old-fashioned actresses who still look bright in front of the camera have been replaced by law patterns. Even the delicate makeup cannot be covered, and only the flash can be used to create the illusion of no law patterns.

  The decree lines are caused by the gradual loss of collagen and moisture in the skin, and the atrophy of the skin also shrinks and sags, causing the skin to relax and aging, forming depressions on the surface of the skin.

  Three major countermeasures to eliminate the wrinkles: ◆ Facial movements: Do mouthwashing bulging on both sides of the jaw, move the tongue in the mouth and push against the two forks; each action is done five times in a row, 4 times a day for 30 days.
  ◆ Acupoint massage: The tip of the tongue is used to massage the acupoints of the lips from the left to the right inside the mouth, three times in a row.

  ◆ Smart use of skin care products: Choose skin care products with firming and rejuvenating effects. When using it, you can use hand-lifting and massage techniques, and stick to daily use, the effect will be more significant.

  Editor’s Choice: Dior Reverse Time and Space Skin Rejuvenation Night Cream Product Introduction: Contains STEMSOME NUIT?

The dynamic regeneration complex at night and the active ingredient biopeptide EL optimize the structure of elastin and reshape the skin’s elasticity and firmness; the combined active ingredients can maximize the anti-wrinkle effect of the night repair essence, and enjoy it in extremely pleasant comfortMedium, skin is full of elasticity.

  Editor’s comment: Technological progress has injected more high-end elements into modern skin care.

This night cream launched on the basis of stem cell research, its highly effective active ingredients can improve skin regeneration capacity, make the skin smooth and detailed, and moisturize and plump.

It can be used to prevent decree lines and also suitable for MMs that have been eroded.

  2. With a raised forehead and a stare . a simple expression can shape how many years you have left, and even make you appear to be older than the actual age.

This is all the trouble of raising head lines.

  The forehead wrinkles are mainly caused by the decline of muscle function due to age or long-term exposure to the harsh environment of wind and sun.

So there are too many young MMs who are also disturbed by the raised head lines.

  Five ways to reduce the appearance of wrinkles: ◆ Do more facial relaxation exercises-for example, close your eyes and meditate, and put them on your chin.

  ◆ When exercising, use indoor aerobic exercise instead of outdoor exercise to reduce the chance of sun exposure.

  ◆ Be sure to remind yourself to wear sunscreen before going out (to prevent UVA, UVB products are more ideal).

  ◆ Drink plenty of water and develop a normal diet and sleep habits.

  ◆ Using facial essence with anti-wrinkle effect, it can replenish the nutrition lost in the skin and restore the elasticity and vitality of the skin.

  Editor’s recommendation: Estee Lauder Miracle Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Serum Product introduction: Fusion of multi-vitamins, minerals and high-efficiency seed extracts can accelerate facial cell renewal, at the same time purify the skin, avoid skin elastic tissue from turbidity and accelerate aging.

  Editor’s comment: This essence can absorb skin energy and directly inject the moisturizing feeling of cells. It does not need to bear the risk of plastic surgery, and it can also bring the skin to release a fresh and new luster.

In this way, the pattern will not increase as much as the candles on the birthday cake every year.

  3. Eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes are the most common phenomenon of eye aging.

This has a resistive effect on the appearance and easily gives the impression of being old-fashioned and lacking vitality.

  The eye skin itself is relatively young and fragile. Excessive office work or abnormal daily work and rest are the main causes of wrinkles under the eyes and around the eyes.

  Three ways to refuse wrinkles under your eyes: ◆ Chew carrots and celery or chewing gum often in your daily diet, which will help improve your skin.

Usually also pay attention to eat some colloids, high-quality protein, animal liver and tomatoes, potatoes and other foods.

  ◆ Recumbent on a slanted wooden board for a few minutes every day to increase blood circulation on the head and face and improve the nutritional status of the face and skin.

Before going to bed every night, use the viscous liquid in vitamin E capsules to implant and massage around the skin under the eyes for a period of time.

  ◆ Insist on eye massage with targeted eye cream products in the morning and evening, so that the tiredness of the eyes is eliminated, and the problem of wrinkles in the eyes is solved at the same time.   Editor’s recommendation: Giorgio Armani Black Key Deep Repair Eye Cream Product introduction: Concentrated “Qianxi Complex Active Substance Concentrate”, which has 4 times the regeneration and repair ability of Black Key Cream.

The buckwheat wax essence has a unique guiding effect, which helps to collect fine bags under the eyes and puffiness of the eyes. It can effectively correct wrinkles in an all-round way and eliminate all eye defects.

  Editor’s comment: The unique creamy viscosity of this eye cream instantly turns into an emulsion when applied, which can quickly absorb the skin around the eyes.

Quickly moisturizes, removes edema, and is suitable for use before and after makeup. It can charge the eyes anytime and anywhere, creating a perfect eye makeup feel.

  4. Correct and exquisite makeup can make up a beautiful face, but be careful of the parts you most easily overlook-wait, it is the secret that most easily causes your age.

  First-rate aging happens unknowingly.

Skin The skin on the skin is easier to relax than the skin, and it is more prone to wrinkles; and the skin on the skin is darker than the face; and there is too much meat accumulation, and bloated and unsightly.

  Three magical tricks to expel the neck line from the “neck”: ◆ Push to eliminate excess meat: apply massage cream or firming cream to the excess meat; using your index finger and middle finger together will cause a slight slow to the jawSqueeze in directions; alternately push the excess and excess meat left and right.

  ◆ During daily skin care, remember that you cannot ignore repetitions, so that they can enjoy the same cost as facial care.

  ◆ Make skin more slack and wrinkles than facial skin, need to use skin care products specially designed for rehabilitation care.

  Editor’s recommendation: L’Oreal Paris Rejuvenating Face and Neck Shaping Cream Product introduction: At the same time, it will help the face and align the skin care products that reshape the fiber net-Fuyan Face and Neck Shaping Cream.

Contains 2 times of elastin and active fibrin. First strengthen the fiber, repair the elastic fiber network, and then improve from the surface, lift the sagging parts, skin is firmer, wrinkles are faded, facial contours are reshaped, as if the lines are woven again!

  Editor’s comment: Continue to use Fuyan Facial Neck Shaper, re-tighten the face and reset the slack parts, regain the firmness, and double the lift above the sagging parts.

Comprehensively solve the Zouwen problem from the face to the calibration, so that the outline of the face is clear and distinct, so that it is younger.

Recommended brain supplements to keep your brain awake

Recommended brain supplements to keep your brain awake

If our brain is not awake, it will affect the efficiency of work and learning, so keeping the head awake is the key.

So what can you eat to help your brain?

The following introduces medicated diets with good brain-buying effect for everyone to understand.

  The medicinal diet with good effect of nourishing the brain recommends the ingredients of longan round pig marrow fish head soup: 10 grams longan, 100 grams pig spinal cord, 1 fish head, and the right amount of seasoning.

  Method: Wash the pig’s spinal cord and fish head, add the right amount of water to the same pot and boil it. Place the longan and spring onion, ginger, pepper, garlic, cooking wine, rice vinegar, etc., and simmer until it is cooked.Add sauerkraut leaves, parsley, and cook once or twice.

  Ingredients for stewed pig brain with two ears: white fungus and black fungus each 10 grams, one pig brain, the right amount of seasoning.

  Method: Wash the black fungus and white fungus hair, wash the pig brain in the same pot, add chicken broth to the right amount, simmer until the meat is

  Function: tonic.

  Pig brain wolfberry soup ingredients: 1 pig brain, 15 grams of pig spinal cord, 10 grams of wolfberry, seasoning.

  Method: Wash the pig’s brain and bones, put it in a bowl, divide into wolfberry, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, soy sauce, etc., steamed and served in a basket.

  Function: kidney and brain.

  Ingredients for walnut longan chicken: 10 grams each of walnut kernel meat and 250 grams of chicken meat.

  Method: Wash and dice chicken, mix with cooking wine, starch, soy sauce, stir-fry ginger and shallots with hot oil in the pot, stir-fry the chicken and stir-fry, then add walnuts and meat, onions, ginger, pepperWait until cooked, add salt, MSG to serve.

  Function: nourishing the kidney and strengthening the spleen, nourishing the heart and soothe the nerves.

Use milk to make aqua skin

Use milk to make aqua skin

From a nutritional point of view, milk is a beautiful product that no one can deny.

  1. Milk + flour = high-quality mask. Blending milk with flour is a very high-quality mask, which is especially suitable for normal skin.

However, if you have oily skin, you need to change the milk to skim milk; if you are between the ages of 20 and 40, you don’t need to do any processing on the milk.

Rich milk fat can effectively change the phenomenon of dry skin, while fat-free milk flour mask can greatly improve skin texture.

  2. Salt + Milk = Say goodbye to dandruff Milk and salt can improve your rough skin and effectively remove and discard your dander, leaving only smooth skin.

Melt a cup of salt in a small jar in advance, pour it into a bathtub with warm water, and add 4 cups of equal amount of skim milk powder.

In this way, you can lie in this custom-made bathtub, soak for 20 minutes, and then carry out your daily washing process.

Once a week, you can say goodbye to dandruff.

  3, oat + milk = remove spotted skin ulcers, freckles, blackheads, facial blisters, as long as the problem is not particularly serious, just use the oatmeal mask for 10 minutes a day to see the effect.

Blend 2 tablespoons of oatmeal with half a cup of milk and cook over low heat. When it is still warm, apply it to the surface and you’re done.

  4. Vitamin e + yogurt = remove dirt. When buying, remember to buy 400 international units of vitamin e, pour into an empty bowl, add 2 tablespoons of yogurt, half a tablespoon of honey and lemon juice, and mix well.

Then change to this secret recipe to be absorbed in your bladder thickly and set up a 15-minute course of treatment.

When time is up, rinse with warm water, it is better not to use hot water or cold water.

Now look at you in the mirror, is it glorious?

It’s not over yet. Now gently massage the face with yogurt rich in active lactic acid bacteria, deeply penetrate the skin, thoroughly remove the pores and dirt, and your relaxed face can bring you a day of confidence and pride!

  5, iced milk + broken tofu = sun repair Now you know that in addition to drinking milk, you can also add sufficient nutrition to the skin, but did you know that milk can reduce inflammation, swelling and sooth the skin!

Especially after being sunburned, milk has a very good care effect.

The steps are very simple, first soak the cotton pad in ice milk, then wash the face with ice milk, and then apply the cotton pad to the red and hot parts, and you can immediately get the soothing and analgesic effect.

Then shred the tofu and put it in a gauze bag. After washing the face with ice milk, put it on the face and rub it. The skin will become white and smooth.

If the skin on your face becomes red, swollen and painful due to sunburn, you can rinse it with ice milk, and then apply it on the face with gauze soaked with milk. The pain and redness will be reduced, but if you still feel pain,That means going to the dermatologist and sitting there, because your skin is inflamed!

  6, kefir + cream = say goodbye to wrinkled kefir, equal parts of cream, mix and mix and apply on the surface, leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it off with water.

This method has an astringent effect. It can eliminate wrinkles on the skin and make the skin smooth for a long time.

  7. Fresh milk + olive oil = increase skin elasticity by 50 liters of fresh milk, add 4-5 drops of olive oil, mix an appropriate amount with flour, and leave on for 20 minutes.

Long-term use of this method can increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin, make the skin more refreshing, smooth, delicate and white.

  8. Banana + milk = half of the fresh and smooth ripe bananas, mashed into a mud, mixed with an appropriate amount of milk, adjusted to a paste, applied to the body, kept for 15-20 minutes and washed with water.

This method can make the skin fresh and smooth, and remove facial acne and freckles.

  9, milk + strawberry = say goodbye to dry skin, 100 liters of milk, 50 grams of strawberry, mashed like mud, mix the two to make a paste, rub it on the face for 20 minutes and wash it off.

This method can prevent skin from drying and aging, making the skin shiny, moist and delicate.

  10. Yogurt + honey + lemon = 100 mg of healthy skin yogurt, honey and lemon juice, add 5 capsules of vitamin E and mix thoroughly. Leave on for 15 minutes and wash.

This method can replace the dead cells on the epidermis and promote the growth of new cells to achieve the purpose of skin fitness.

  11. Yogurt + Almond Powder = Acne Treatment Five portions of yogurt and two portions of almond powder are mixed into a paste, apply to the face, and wash after 15 minutes.

  12, milk + strawberry = cleansing mask mashed 50 grams of strawberry, filter with double gauze, take the juice into 1 cup of fresh milk, stir well and take the strawberry milk, and apply itAnd perfect initial massage, wash off and replace after about 15 minutes.

Strawberries must be cleaned before use.

  Beauty, skin care, milk, skin, oily skin, mask 13, milk steam 250ml fresh milk in the pot, put it on the fire and boil it, then change to slow heat to make the milk boil in the pot to generate steam, then put the face on the boilingKeep the milk vapor above and keep a certain distance, close your eyes, let the boiling milk vapor blow to the front, pass through moist and comfortable, shorten the time to a few minutes, depending on your feeling.

If you stick to it once a day, you will feel ruddy, smooth, soft, white and tender, and eliminate fatigue.

This is because the nutrition-rich milk is heated and evaporated, which can promote facial blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and produce beauty and health care effects.

  14. Milk + vinegar = Eliminate puffiness of the eyelids. Milk also has the effect of tightening the skin. If you get up in the morning and find the puffiness of the eyelids, you can use an appropriate amount of milk and vinegar and boil water to mix thoroughly.
5 minutes, then apply a hot towel for a while, the eyelids swelling instantly.
With a simpler method, you can first dip two pieces of cotton pads with frozen milk, then apply them on the puffy eyelids for about 10 minutes, and then wash them with water.
  15. Milk Quick Cleansing Scrub wants the cleansing products to play the biggest role. In addition to choosing products suitable for personal skin, you should also try to avoid leaving the cleansing liquid on the skin for too long.

Otherwise, its effectiveness will be reduced, and it is more likely to cause damage to the skin.

When using a cleansing milk or cleansing cream, just gently circulate the surface for about two minutes and then wash it off with water.

However, if the scrub time is too short, dirt on the face cannot be effectively removed.

If the massage time is too long, the soap in the cleansing cream may have an allergic reaction to the skin, and even redness and swelling may cause the metabolism to be too fast and accelerate skin aging.

If the cleansing milk is left on the surface for more than 3 minutes, the pores will also absorb excessive moisturizing ingredients, allowing the oil particles to continue to grow on the skin.

Ten details leaking a woman’s mind

Ten details leaking a woman’s mind

Many men always think that women are emotional animals that are difficult to understand. Especially when they first met, once the rules of the game changed, they even felt that it was a game of watching flowers in the mist.

When men see the object they like, the response is usually very direct and simple, and sometimes it will bring a sense of challenge and conquest; and women are much more subtle!

Because most women are very cautious or even hysterical when they first begin to associate with men, but once the relationship becomes closer, the situation will change 180 degrees.

Want to find out?

Let’s start with the subtle expressions and movements of women!


A woman who lowers her head when she sees a boy on the road actually needs to understand a woman, and her eyes are the most accurate. Most Oriental women will lower their heads involuntarily when they pass out with the opposite sex, but there are also differencesThe mystery lies.

If she looks at you with very ordinary eyes, it means that she doesn’t have any special feelings for you, but if the other person looks at you with a very cheerful look and don’t be too happy when you look at her, she may just be in a good mood and you unexpectedlyEnough!

  When a woman meets his favorite man unexpectedly, she will lower her head involuntarily when she first sees it, but occasionally use her eyes to look at it. If you keep looking at her, she usually keeps her head down or looks elsewhere until you stopI was watching you secretly while watching, of course, some girls will show you back generously, but this is a minority!

Because most women are afraid that they show a good feeling for boys, they will feel casual and frivolous.


The sense of direction is very poor, women who drive the wrong way often can see some interesting phenomena when watching women drive!

First of all, they are always cautious. The speed limit is 60 kilometers. They drive at 30 kilometers per hour to show you. Even if there are no buses on the road, people who drive behind the sudden death when turning or parking are the most common fact.Lost, without a sense of direction.

  If she is justified in getting lost in an unfamiliar place, if she is not familiar with her neighborhood or work route, this type of woman is usually very dependent on others, especially prefers to ask for directions directly rather than check the map.Or they do n’t understand the road map better. If they encounter something, they often ask for help, lack of autonomy and subjective ideas. If she is your wife, you must be a 24-hour caregiver as a husband, absolutely not.Make her feel that you are not reliable, otherwise there will be endless racks or even red apricots coming out of the wall!


Women who feel that watching pornography is very disgusting. Usually women will show a low-level disgusting expression in front of men. In fact, men do n’t care too much. Although such women say that they are disgusting in their mouths, they are quite personal to others.Curious, when talking about other people ‘s gossip, they show no mercy or even add jealousy to themselves. They are absolutely not lost in soap dramas. They are loyal readers of paparazzi magazines.

  The great thing is!

They often keep talking about their mouths, but they still do it, and then get upset, can’t hold it up and can’t let go. She is afraid that others will notice her private life, so she uses other methods to make people focus.


Most of the women who have a good opinion of middle-aged mature men or bosses are women over 25 years old who will actively look for a gentleman.

Correctly as the object of marriage, at this time the looks are not as important as the money, and the sense of humor is not worthy of a stable and stable personality. All young Prince Charming ‘s impressions become cruel reality, especially women at work often fall into the companyMiddle-level executives around the age of 35 have a favorable opinion. They have the stability and achievements that males of the same age do not have. Because of this, they are less likely to have emotional ups and downs.

But in fact, there are not many people who really choose, this is really a woman’s paradoxical mentality!

  The women who really interact with middle-aged men have the following firsts. After hours, they lack the care of their elders. When they grow up, they have a tendency to have patriarchal plots. Second, women with significant, mature and rational thoughts will find men of the same age unreliable.And the childish thinking is the third. I have had the experience of failing to interact with men of similar age. I have switched to accepting the love of the year-old. I am afraid of suffering emotional damage and urgently need a sense of security and dependence on belonging.


In chatting with her boyfriend, other men and women are often mentioned. Many women will seize the psychological weakness of the man, and make the man stick to her more desperately. The most common trick is to inadvertently talk about other things when chatting with her boyfriend.Names or things of irrelevant men.

Men in love usually avoid mentioning previous male friends or the opposite sex in order to prevent the other person from being suspicious or other harm. However, after a while, some girls will inadvertently mention the company or the previous university when chatting.Classmate’s name or thing, although the woman may only understate it, the man may not respond, but the heart is surging!

  Women usually do this for several reasons: first, they want to provoke a man’s natural jealousy and make the other person more active; second, they want to know how much the other person loves himself; third, they want the man to have a sense of crisis.A third party is involved.


There are some women who often ask her boyfriend to swear to Heaven. Almost often, her boyfriend swears to Tian: “I truly love you”, “I won’t change my heart, or thunder and thunder” and so on.

Be careful if your girlfriend is kind too!

Usually they hold a distrustful attitude towards love, often accompanied by the vow of each other to confirm their love; but when the vow becomes a formulaic answer, she will empathize in pursuit of another new vowLove, Sasha Biabia once said: “A man’s vow will only make a woman betray him!

“So smart, you know, sweet words can be spoken often, just don’t swear in front of a woman!


Women who like to keep pets are becoming more and more pregnant, especially as more and more metropolitan women start to raise pets. Pet stores around the shop are opening more and more. Most loyal customers who come to the house have female subjects and are pets.Many people who smashed large banknotes were present.

Analyzing the reasons, it is not difficult to find that such women usually want to restore the emptiness generated by the inability to meet the ideal man by caring for pets. After all, raising puppies and kittens is much simpler than falling in love without worrying.The other side will change heart.

  Another reason why women keep pets is because they want to create a world where they can fully control and care for themselves. They do n’t like or are good at human-to-human (especially with the opposite sex) interaction, preferring simpler animals.Found in the world.


A woman who keeps her eyes open while kissing is very romantic!
Most people involuntarily close their eyes when kissing, especially women, because women are inherently more sensitive to touch than vision in sexual desire. This is why many women must be willing to have sex after turning off the lights, so as to focus the senses.The deep contact with the body makes that romantic lust stronger, but some women like to keep their eyes wide open when kissing. There are usually two different explanations for such women: the first is that she has a slower sense of sex and cannot concentrateThe spirit, the tendency to have a sense of coldness; the other is that she is a master of love, and already feels like a regular meal to sex. When kissing, she needs a new feeling. When you open your eyes and kiss, you can see the expression of the other person.Speaking is more fun than having sex!

Women who show photos to men when they are young Usually women are very mindful of showing others (especially the opposite sex) photos of themselves when they are young, especially nude photos when they were just born or headshots when they were in middle school.

Because most people ‘s photos are very “clumsy” when they are young, let alone friends of the opposite sex, and sometimes even close friends cannot see them.

  If one day a woman takes a picture of her childhood or an ugly head in private, it may be that she is suggesting a good impression on you.

Because she has already removed you from your heart defense, your psychological distance is quite close, so you should seize the opportunity!


A woman who likes to ponytail her hair, in addition to pursuing fashion or work needs, a woman who usually likes to ponytail her hair is usually an independent woman with a strong sense of self. She has her own ideas for everything.It’s a bit like Capricorn’s personality: stubborn choice.

Want to change her mind, unless you can come up with a way to convince her, and when she’s in a bad mood, say less and do more. When the audience is the best policy, wait until her mood eases and talk to herChat is a good way!

  Voice: Actually, women always like her boyfriend to notice her and care about her in love.

Therefore, a lot of tortuous looks, her true correctness is to use this method to attract your attention.

If you really like her, then try to learn more about her, and learn more about your feelings.

Ten Unfortunate Faces of a Woman’s Marriage

Ten Unfortunate Faces of a Woman’s Marriage

High forehead: Forehead symbolizes ideal ambition. Those with too high foreheads have high eyes, overweight and thin skin.

However, the woman’s career is still very prosperous.

And out of the hall, that is an outward-looking career type.

  Eyes give birth to white: that is, “under the eyes”, romantic love fantasy, unrealistic, multi-resistance.

  Thick hair: Hard-tempered, not gentle enough, resulting in male fate.

  Thick eyebrows: The style is rough and tough. If you win or lose, you are afraid of men.

  Mouth-shaped: The mouth is open, and love to play with the tongue.

  Anxious like fire: impulsive, less patient, and often in trouble.

  Low-pitched voice: poor communication, poor physical fitness, easy miscarriage or infertility.

  No ears against the wheel: rebellious and unrestrained, dislike restraint.

Yi Yue: The tip of both ears is small.

  Nasal knuckles: strong and awkward personality, subjective stubbornness, self-righteousness.

  Boneless: Aggressive and defensive, selfish and self-serving.

Smart parents, different children

Smart parents, different children

Parents treat their children nothing more than the situation: one is to manage everything, to do a lot of things, but the results are not good; the second is to ignore everything, do nothing, let it go, let alone, and the result isNot good; the third is to manage but not fully manage, not much, but all hit the point, the child grows smoothly.

Outstanding parents have always chosen to “do something and do nothing”, more specifically, only do three things.

First thing: Cultivate good parent-child relationships. Good relationships are better than many educations.

When parents have a good relationship with their children, the education of their children is easy to succeed; when they are not good with their children, their education is easy to fail.

The key to establishing a good parent-child relationship lies in “positioning”: 1. Improper “judges” and learning to be “lawyers” Some parents can’t wait to become “judges” when they see that their children have problems. This is very dangerous.
The inner world of a child is rich and colorful. Parents must actively influence and educate their children, and they cannot talk about it unless they understand their inner world.

The first key to understanding children is to protect their self-esteem, protect their rights, and become their trusted and respected friends.

That is, parents treat their children like “lawyers” treat their uniforms, understand their inner needs, and always take the sole role of safeguarding their legal rights.

2. Improper “referee”, learn to be “cheerleader” in the arena of life, children can only work hard.

Parents cannot substitute for their children, nor should they make their own claims to be “referees”. Instead, they should give their children the power to maintain a good competitive state, that is, the “cheerleaders”.

This can help children build self-confidence, which is the core task of family education.

Parents who are children’s “cheerleaders” must not only be good at discovering and praising children, but also guide children to face failures correctly and be children’s comrades before frustration.

3. Improper “tamer trainer”. Children who learn to be “mirrors” can overcome themselves only by knowing themselves, but they usually only rely on feedback from others to know themselves. At this time, the role of parents’ “feedback”, that is, the role of mirrors is very importantAlready.

Without being a “tamer trainer”, learning to be a “mirror” can help children improve their self-awareness, and they can communicate with parents without fearing the “authority” of their parents.

Education is three points and seven points.

“Wait a minute” is useful.

For example, we are stung by mosquitoes. Regardless of it, it will soon be okay. If we always scratch, it will take a long time.

The reason is that the human body has a certain self-healing function. Being bitten by a mosquito will quickly heal itself, and the application of external force will only be counterproductive.

Education is the same.

Stop and wait, give your child the opportunity to talk, communicate effectively with your child, and solve the problem without education.

The second thing: Cultivate the child’s good habits and habits determine the fate of the child, there is nothing more important than habit formation.

If parents do not attach importance to the cultivation of their children’s good habits, they must bury their children’s good future.

1.Education begins with the cultivation of habits. It is a lifetime education.

Intellectual education is a good thinking habit, moral education is a small behavior habit, and quality education is more reflected in the small behavior of people.

Numerous facts prove that habit is a tenacious force that can dominate a person’s life.

Everything for children begins with habit development.

2. The habit of developing a habit that is not a day’s work is a big problem and a great wisdom.

The development of good habits is by no means a day’s work. Its main principles are: low starting point, strict requirements, small steps, fast pace, more activities, change, quick feedback, and diligent correction.

The key to habit development is the first three days, and the decision is made in a month.

Parents should fully respect their children’s rights and allow children to play a master role in habit formation.

3, education through the habit of casting the casting character is like sailing on the sea, you must drive on the correct route, otherwise, the more the ship is in danger of sinking on the reef.

The quality of people determines the development direction of people.

One of the core tasks of home education is to train children to become real people.

But personality training is often difficult to follow in detail.

However, researchers have found that habit and personality complement each other. Habits affect personality, and personality also affects habits.

Decent, honest, responsible, caring, cooperative spirit, and efficiency can be cast through habits.

The third thing: to guide children to learn to attract children to love learning, to guide children to learn is an important responsibility of parents, but also the true charm of parents.

1. The child is tired of studying and has no reason to let it go, let it be unrestrained; manage it blindly;This approach will only make children more and more unwilling to learn.Children do not like to learn is only a superficial phenomenon, there must be a reason behind it: is it that they have not developed good learning habits?

Didn’t find what the child is best at?

Is there no scientific brain?

Is it the parents’ objection to the child’s “playing middle school” nature?

It is his child’s job to not have any study . Finding the reasons behind it can help the child to get out of the shadow of being tired of school.

2, children’s curiosity and learning potential can stimulate children’s lack of curiosity, usually not the influence of parents or strict requirements, but a series of children’s interests.

Interest (curiosity), dreams, sense of accomplishment, challenge, gratitude, struggle, anger, etc. are all the channels to dredge and inspire children’s curiosity.

For children, the so-called competitive advantage is the effective development of potential.

Mood, enlightenment, suggestion, reverie, motivation, and planning are the six principles that stimulate children’s learning potential.

Although there is no absolute “timetable” for potential development, there are steps to gradually establish goals, control emotions, sharpen the will, and focus on one point.

3, the child’s first test is a method of “love learning” is a substitute for “learning”, and “learning” is the guarantee of “love learning”, “learning” can “learn well”.

If the child wants to take the first test, they must master some decisive good methods, such as: completing according to plan, writing carefully, slowly reading textbooks, organizing wrong questions, taking notes at will, helping selflessly to classmates, efficient exams, freeComposition, etc.

Now many parents have stepped into a new error zone in the issue of educating their children, that is, blind faith, obedience, and even obsession with the so-called successful teaching experience of children, but these experiences are easy to hear and difficult to do.

Because they do not have “migration”, if they are just cloning and imitating, not only can they not attach to their children, but they are easy to “handan walk”, which is counterproductive.

The most useful real thing is to think and refine it.

Educating children is not as complicated as parents think, grasping the parent-child relationship, cultivating habits, and learning these three major things. Parents becoming outstanding parents and children becoming outstanding children are not distant dreams.

Know your baby’s response to complementary foods

Know your baby’s response to complementary foods

First, some babies do not like to eat vegetables such as onions, cabbages, radishes, etc. Because these vegetables have a special smell, they are unwilling to accept them.

  Solution: You can add a little water when cooking to dilute the special smell.

If the baby really does not like to eat, parents do not have to force it. After all, there are many types of vegetables, and there are always babies who like to eat.

  Second, when eating vegetables for the first time, the mother may find vegetables that are not fully digested in the baby’s stool.

Don’t worry, as long as your baby is not having diarrhea or mucus in the stool, this is normal.

  Solution: Feed your baby vegetables, and increase the amount a little.

Cut the vegetables as thin as possible so that your baby can digest and absorb them.

  Third, some babies will feel itchy and uncomfortable after eating eggs. The skin around the face and ears will become red and secretions may appear. This may be an egg allergy.

  Reason: Boil the eggs for at least 20 minutes. Remove the protein immediately, mash the egg yolks, and mix the egg yolks in your baby’s cereal or vegetables to see if it can alleviate your baby’s allergies.

Generally, yolks of 5-6 months can be fed with yolk. For families with a history of allergies, the yolk can be fed to the baby for a few months, but other complementary foods such as meat and liver must be added to supplement the iron.

  Fourth, potatoes are more likely to nauseate or offend babies than other foods.

  Solution: Cook the potatoes, mash them into mashed potatoes, add the right amount of milk to dilute, start feeding the baby only a small amount of mashed potatoes, and then gradually increase the amount.