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Raw food and yoga practice

Raw food and yoga practice

Many people are practicing yoga, but few people know the eating behaviors that they should pay attention to during practice. In fact, the combination of yoga practice and raw food can obviously enhance the exercise effect.

  Raw food, along with the long evolutionary history of human beings, the traces of biological memory that are inherently ingested in people’s bodies still influence modern people’s physical health.

In the traditional Indian diet concept, the diet of raw food absorbed the supreme energy of heaven and earth in the most natural way.

  Raw food and yoga practice are the perfect combination of OL healthy life.

  Ancient Indian health theory believed that diet was a way for people to get the “breath of life” from food.

The natural green food itself has obtained sunlight, air, and moisture from nature, so nature is the first choice for high-quality yoga food.

  We all gradually have various obstacles in our physiology, and these obstacles are often caused by the impureness of body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, many traditional yoga practices are based on the physical, mental, and spiritual integrity of the yoga practitionerNet and set.

Raw food and proper yoga are part of the purification-based practice.

In the concept of yoga diet cooking, most fruits and vegetables can be eaten directly or just after a little boiling or baking.

This ancient nutrition, which is increasingly sought after by modern people, believes that over-cooking can make food lose its vitality and make it difficult to digest.

And cooking natural foods in the most natural way can help the body to obtain complete nutrition in the true sense.

  Raw food, as a method of connection with the theoretical system of yoga, can activate the potential of living systems.

Therefore, it increases vitality, improves the function of the immune system, and maintains the alertness of the mind and body.

  Natural food is not only an anti-cancer agent that maximizes the natural healing power of the human body, but also the best dietetic method for preventing and treating adult diseases.

Letting growing children eat raw food is best.

The habit of eating natural foods keeps children away from artificial foods, clears their minds, improves their attention, and returns to normal personality, lively and cheerful.

Using raw food for breakfast can save meal time and maintain good health.

For the elderly, the sick or the sick, there is no other way of dietary therapy that can be compared with raw dietary therapy.

Longevity elderly people in longevity villages around the world feed mainly on lettuce.

Studies have shown that the incidence of disease among people with raw food habits is only 1/10 of those with long-term cooking diets.

  In the Yoga concept, the purpose of raw food is based on the human body’s ability to absorb and replace the vital substances in food.

On the basis of this healthy and balanced body maintenance, the supplement of its own vitality substances and the minimum energy consumption only consider the nutrition elements referred to today.

Although there are certain nutrients in certain foods that are not as easily absorbed by the body as cooked food, the principle of food metabolism will minimize this effect, and at the same time, the secret mechanism of a healthy human body will synthesize substances needed in the body.

In short, people who believe in the concept of yoga nutrition and raw food care about the energy and energy of natural food.

  Modern nutrition research has found that food pickling severely damages vitamins and various other nutrients and enzymes that are closely related to human metabolism.

The human body’s vitamins and enzymes cause widespread adult diseases.

In particular, nutrients such as vitamins a, c, and e are very sensitive to heat and can cause most damage when exposed to high temperatures.

If you use this kind of vitamin-deficient food for a long time, it will make the normal metabolism of the human body disorder, and various symptoms such as endocrine disorders will occur, resulting in decreased immunity and suffered from various diseases.

  And those cooked foods of adult and animal proteins will seriously damage our liver function, and over time, they can not perform normal functions.

At the same time, these decays produce ammonia and uric acid, which are harmful to the human body, causing the blood to be sticky and unable to smoothly obtain oxygen and nutritional supplies.

In severe cases, it can even cause various adult diseases such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, stroke, and cerebral infarction.

What to do after swimming in summer

What to do after swimming in summer

In the summer, people like to take a dip in the cool swimming pool.

After swimming, people usually just take a simple bath and rarely think of cleaning it seriously. They do not know that this does not meet the requirements of hygiene.

  There are many people in the swimming pool in summer, and their sweat, saliva, urine, etc. will dissolve into the water.

If swimmers are accompanied by infectious diseases, tuberculosis, red eye and other diseases, the pathogenic microorganisms they carry can easily contaminate the pool water and infect others’ mouths, nostrils, eyes and other parts.

Although disinfectant is added to the pool water, it still cannot kill all pathogenic microorganisms.

Therefore, it is best to clean your body and mouth after swimming and implant infections.

  Tip one: Don’t forget to brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after swimming.

Yang Shuxia said that when people swim, the pool water often enters the mouth, and some germs also follow.

If you do not clean your mouth in time after swimming and then eat, these bacteria will enter the nitric acid tract, and children with poor resistance are more likely to become victims.

  Tip two: Wash your skin carefully.

Yang Shuxia said that after swimming, germs can easily remain on the skin. In addition, the chlorine disinfection commonly used in swimming pools can easily irritate the skin. Therefore, it is best to take a bath with a nourishing body bath after swimming.

  Some people think that since the chlorine preparation is acidic, and the swimming pool water is naturally acidic, they take a bath with alkaline soaps and feel that it can neutralize and protect the skin by acid and alkali. In fact, this is not good for the skin.

In general, the cuticle of the skin is relatively acid-resistant, but not alkali-resistant. With a strong alkaline soap scale, the skin is easy to dry.

In addition, we should also pay attention to the best moisturizing cream after bath.

  Tip three: Don’t wash your hair too quickly.

After the hair is soaked, it is easy to harbor germs, and the chlorine preparation in the pool water will directly damage the dry hair, resulting in yellowing and dry hair, so you must wash your hair carefully after swimming, and it is best to use conditioner to strengthen the protection.

Some people do not need shampoo after swimming, just use hot water to rinse or simply dry their hair with a towel. This will leave germs. If the scalp is damaged, the wound will be easily contaminated.

  Tip four: Appropriate drops of chloramphenicol eye drops.

It is best to wear swimming goggles when diving to prevent pool water containing pathogenic microorganisms from entering the eyes and causing conjunctivitis.

In addition, disinfectants in the pool water can also irritate the conjunctiva.

If your eyes are sore after swimming, or have other uncomfortable feelings, you can use chloramphenicol eye drops to prevent eye infections.

  Tip five: Don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun when swimming.

If you choose the swimming pool, it is best to go after 4 pm to avoid sun damage to the skin.

It is recommended to protect the skin with a waterproof sunscreen with SPF (Sun Protection Index) 30 or more.

For best results, apply every half to one hour.

  People with poor constitutions should not go to public pools with a large number of people to avoid contracting diseases.

In addition, friends with infectious diseases or damaged skin should not go to the public pool to protect the health of others.

Difference between men and women in workplace communication

Difference between men and women in workplace communication

Psychologists find differences in communication methods between men and women: 1.

Men are more rapier than women. According to research data, the average narrative time for women to narrate the same thing is 3 minutes, while men’s are more than 13 minutes.


Men are more likely than women to interrupt in conversation and interrupt others.


In personality, women prefer to look at each other’s personality, while men only seek understanding from their language.


In the process of personality, men value the content of controlling personality to show his strength, and women help maintain the continuity of the dialogue.


Women are more likely to tell their personal thoughts to men than men. Men consider themselves strong and therefore expose themselves instead.


Women’s personality styles are more active than men’s, while men only focus on the expression of language power.


In general, women have more opportunities to show smiles than men.

The secret of happiness: pretending to be happy can stimulate good mood

The secret of happiness: pretending to be happy can stimulate good mood

Spread your happy thoughts and tell your daughter that you are really happy shopping with her, show your husband the inadvertent praise given by your boss, and tell your friends how you like the conflict last year.

Sharing happy memories and experiences with others is the most powerful and effective way to amplify and endure happiness.

  Accumulate memories that you can enjoy Select those unforgettable moments that you can recall afterwards.

Do you like the red wool scarf because it is fashionable and comfortable?

Or is it because of this taste that reminds you of the playfulness in the snow as a child?

Inject fantasy colors into your happy moments and turn them into these happy gratefulness.

  Congratulations on your achievements, proud of your hard-won achievements: you have achieved your fitness goals in the gym, and jeans are one size smaller.

Share these little successes with others and congratulate yourself. This is not something everyone can do, because many people think they should not show off their success, but self-congratulations and self-promotion are really effective.

  Adjust your feelings When tasting a piece of dark chocolate, when absorbing the salty salty sea air, and when listening to your child’s play, do not prevent closing your eyes, closing the other sensory organs, and focus on one of them.Fun will last longer, especially for short experiences.

  Downward comparison Upward comparison will cause us to lose confidence, but downward comparison will make us happy.

When you encounter problems, think about the worse.

For example, is today’s weather clearer than the weather forecast?

Is the work done faster than expected?

  Concentrate on the present state without any analysis or judgment, and enjoy yourself quietly.

Listen to your favorite music with headphones in a dim room and immerse yourself in a novel.

On weekends, do what you like, focus on it, and be happy.

  Pretend to laugh, even if you don’t want to laugh. In fact, this can induce you to be happier.

Laugh loudly when you see a dreamy movie, and smile at yourself as you pass the mirror. Experts believe that suppressing happiness can fundamentally kill happiness.

  Grasping the possible moments of happiness always seem to be so short. At this time, reminding yourself that this shortness and enjoyment can help us extend this short happiness.

  Avoid negative thoughts There are always so many pessimists in this world, such as self-blame and worrying about what others think of themselves.

When you are immersed in happiness, magnify happiness without thinking repeatedly that your worth is not worth having such happiness, or how things can get better.

Let yourself consciously embrace happiness.

  It is often said “thank you” for planting hearts one by one.

Receiving invitations from friends, empty places on the subway, often expressing gratitude to friends and strangers will help us recognize our happiness and be happier.

When is the best time to run fitness

When is the best time to run fitness

Is it better to exercise in the morning or in the evening?

Is a certain kind of “exercise prescription” applicable to adolescents who are growing?

What the experts call it!

  As long as it is suitable for you to practice in the morning and evening. “In theory, at dusk, the atmospheric oxygen concentration is the highest, the human is most sensitive, the ability to coordinate is the strongest, the physical exertion and the physical adaptability are the strongest, and the blood pressure at this timeThe low and steady heart rate is indeed a good schedule to facilitate exercise.

“Experts say, however, that doesn’t mean that other times of the day are not suitable for exercise.

  There are obvious individual differences between different people. Cardiopulmonary function and physical condition are different. The exercise time, exercise frequency, and exercise method can be the same.

It should be said that the optimal time for exercise is not absolute, and there must be some differences between people.

If conditions permit, experts suggest that it is best to consult a doctor based on the health checklist and your schedule and diet.

  In addition, for office workers in the city, some are working overtime at dusk, and some are hurrying to their homes. It is very unrealistic for them to squeeze out an hour every day for exercise.

  In fact, for people with reduced normal fitness, as long as they avoid half an hour before meals, one hour after meals, and one hour before bedtime, they can exercise at any other time.

If you have developed the habit of doing morning exercises in the morning, there will always be a lot of persistence, and there is no need to switch to evening exercises.

  Enough exercise time, exercise mode is not suitable for yourself, there is a very simple measurement method, full of energy, good appetite, good sleep quality, early morning pulse measurement, beats per minute is almost the same or slower than before, congratulationsThis shows that your current amount of exercise and exercise style are very suitable; on the contrary, if you are often sleepy after sleep interruption, sleep poorly, get up early to measure your pulse, and beat more than 6 times per minute than before, it means that you are over exercising.Adjustments should be made under the guidance of a doctor.

  In addition, the amount of exercise should not be static.

For example, running should be shorter at the beginning and slower. After the body adapts to change, gradually increase the running time to make the speed a little bit longer.

  Passive exercise is more prone to sports injuries. Experts remind that it is better to teach people to fish than to teach people. To some extent, it is more important for middle school students to cultivate sports interest and self-exercise ability in sports.

Studies have found that active exercise is much better than passive exercise.

During active exercise, people are in a good mood, the internal secretion system works better, and when they are focused, they are less likely to get injured.

In passive exercise, I have a stomach complaint, my emotions and body are facing each other, my muscles’ coordination ability is not good, and it is more likely to cause sports injury.

  6 in the morning?
At 8 o’clock, it is suitable to exercise. There is a difference between the physical condition of boys and girls, and the sports should not be the same.

After group exercise in the morning, the arrangement in the evening should reflect the characteristics and differences.

Boys are more powerful and can perform weightlifting, dumbbells, basketball, football, etc.

The girls have good flexibility and can arrange gymnastics, aerobics, cycling and swimming.

  Approximately, suitable exercise time in the morning is between 6:00 and 8:00, and suitable exercise time in the evening is five or six. You can eat dinner after half an hour of exercise.

Morning and evening exercise for half an hour is not absolute, it is best to adjust according to the season.

Summer morning is the coolest time of the day, exercise time can be longer, the weather is too hot in the evening, exercise time can be shorter; the opposite is the case in winter, the exercise time can be appropriately changed in the morning, and insufficient in the evening.

In addition, the summer is too hot, so some indoor sports such as swimming can be arranged appropriately.

  It should be reminded that exercise does not necessarily lead to health.

For elementary and middle school students, 9 should be maintained every day?
10 hours of sleep.

If you just want to get up early in order to pursue the effect of exercise, it will be harmful to your body.

Adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and proper exercise can only bring health to the three.

In addition, before exercising in the morning, be sure to eat liquid foods such as milk, drinks, etc. Do not go on an empty stomach.

Eat better at noon, don’t eat fast.

  During the exercise, pay attention to the “four taboos” experts pointed out that in some cases, you must be prepared before exercise. When you encounter heavy fog and haze, you should cancel your scheduled exercise plan.

Attention should be paid to the following points during exercise: Avoid bouncing and preparing for exercise.

  Doing simple limb exercises before physical exercise is good for safe and effective exercise.

Because in the cold winter, the body’s muscles and ligaments are significantly reduced in elasticity and ductility due to the cold stimulation. The joints of the whole body are also larger than the summer and autumn.
Failure to do warm-up exercises before exercise can easily cause muscle, ligament strain, or sprained joints, which can prevent exercise from being performed normally.

  Second, avoid exercise in foggy weather.
  Fog is made up of countless tiny water drops, which contain a lot of harmful substances such as dust, pathogenic microorganisms and so on.

If you exercise in foggy days, due to the increase in breathing volume, more toxic substances will be absorbed, which will affect the oxygen supply. This will cause chest tightness, dyspnea and other symptoms. In severe cases, rhinitis, pneumonia, tracheitis, and conjunctivitisAnd other possibilities.

  Three bogey do not pay attention to keep warm.

  Do not neglect to keep warm while exercising, otherwise it will cause colds and colds.

When the weather is cold, you can gradually reduce your clothes after your body heats up. You do n’t need to take off your clothes immediately when you start exercising, and do n’t take off your clothes when you are sweating, otherwise you may catch a cold.

  Four avoid breathing with your mouth.

  Whether it is exercise or in peacetime, you should develop the habit of breathing with your nose.

Because there is a lot of hair in the nostrils, it can filter the air and protect the trachea and lungs from dust and bacteria.

How to lose weight

How to lose weight

In the fall, many MMs also like to wear short skirts and shorts, but they don’t have good-looking thighs.

How does thin thigh work best?

The following introduces the method of skinny legs for different leg types.

  1. Muscle type Generally speaking, girls who insist on specific sports may have such troubles. This type of leg is the most difficult type to reduce.

It is recommended that you can squeeze the lotion into the palm while your body is wet every time you take a shower, rub your hands a little, then apply and massage on the legs to allow the milk to be absorbed by the skin as soon as possible after the bath.

In addition, I usually do more leg press exercises to help stretch muscles, and massage my legs after each exercise to prevent the leg shape from deforming again.

  2. Slack type This type of leg type is mainly caused by insufficient accumulation due to insufficient exercise. You can insist on doing thin leg exercises.

For example, hands on hips, legs straight forward.

Step forward with your right leg, and bend your left knee to the point where you will hit the ground. Hold this position for 3 seconds and change to another leg.

Another type of MM is suitable for skipping, jogging, and walking with your toes. This can help tighten muscles and prevent slackness.

  3, edema type This type of leg type is mainly to swell by clicking and tapping. If you have been sitting for a long time, you should put your legs higher than the heart. You can rest your legs on it at night or sleep.Keep your legs 20-30 cm high.

You can usually eat more vegetables such as barley and watermelon to help the body drain water, to reduce edema.

  4. The deposition type is mainly due to the deposition of garbage placed in the body, which forms a solid honeycomb structure.

It is recommended to massage the outside of the legs in advance to break through and promote the metabolism of the legs.

In addition, you can also do some simple squats, hands on hips, legs apart, toes extended laterally.

Bend your knees downward with your waist straight, and then return to the upright position. You can clearly feel that the outside of the leg is not restoring force and repeat 10 times.

  5. Most adult MMs belong to this type, and the legs are slightly difficult to reduce. They exercise excessively hard and are afraid of becoming leg muscles. What should I do?

May wish to try Limei surgery.

  The principle of liposuction and liposuction for the thigh: Using the VACUSON liposuction system, precise positioning can quickly soften and dissolve the feces of the thigh, while tightening the muscles, stimulating the breakdown of collagen, activating elastic fibers, and effectively thinning the thigh.

  Suitable for: Young MM with good skin elasticity, it is used for partial thigh weight loss.

  Features: You can see with your own eyes that the dissolved adults are sucked out of the body. After liposuction, the skin is smooth and flat, without unevenness and lumps. The recovery time is only about 3 days.

Want to be more slender and slimmer yet to come to yoga

Want to be more slender and slimmer yet to come to yoga

In the fitness class designed by Linda Shelton, the fitness editor of Shape, you can smoothly move from one pose to another, called Wen Ya Sa, instead of keeping every movement.

In addition to cardiovascular calorie expenditure, you can also stretch your whole body to make you look longer, stronger and slimmer.

At the same time, you will enhance contrast and balance.

  Action analysis Do the actions in order, at least three times a week.

The real yoga fitness is to move from one action to another (without breathing) without gaps. Before performing the next action, count 4 to 6 numbers for each action.

Repeat five times in the first week; then increase it once a week and do it eight times in the fourth week.

  The first series of actions should be done slowly, once as a warm-up, and each posture counts 6 to 8 silently.

  Before you start each movement, inhale-fill your lungs, ribs, and abdomen-and then exhale slowly as you do it.

Don’t worry; keep inspiring and exhaling for a range of lengths.

  1. Stand in a standing position with your big knees and toes close together, your heels slightly apart, your legs straight, your abdomen closed, and your arms naturally placed aside.

  2. In the sitting position, the stethoscope and the feet are close together, and the knees are bent, and the weight is concentrated on the heel, as if sitting on a chair.

Stretch your arms over your head, palms facing each other, and your shoulders drooping.

  3. Fighting posture 1 Start from the previous posture, straighten your legs, take a big step back with your right foot, and your toes forward.

Left, curved, right leg should be kept straight, arms should be tilted on top of head, placed on both sides of ears, palms should be opposite.

  4. Fighting position 2 starts from the previous position, points your hips to both sides, turns your feet backwards, and lowers your arms at the same height as your shoulders.

Palm down.

(If necessary, spread your feet apart so that the front alignment can be bent.

) Look back at the middle finger of your left hand. The middle finger stretches out straight in your face.

  5. Face-down barbs start from the previous position, turn the toes of the right foot, and the sincerity line of the left foot; bend forward from the front, and support your hands on the floor so that both sides of the left foot are just above.
Move your left foot backwards and unfold it with your right foot; lift your hips to form an inverted V.

  6, the support type starts from the previous position, lower the hips until the body forms a straight line from head to heel.

Support your body with abdominal muscles.

  7, side support type from the previous position, feet together, turn to the right foot side.

Keep your feet together, your legs straight, your left arm directly under your left shoulder, with your arms straight and your shoulders pulled back.

Raise your right arm, open your body, and look at your right hand.

  8. Push your abdomen downward hard, then abdomen, bend your elbows, and lower your body. Just don’t push your shoulders forward, raise your hips, or push your hips down.

Turn your whole body down, then support your body to return to the fifth style, take a step forward, bend your knees, and then return to the first style.

  After editing: Yoga is most about body integration, the movement is not the most important, the most important thing is breathing and concentration. According to the illustration above, you can find a quiet place, the best air is fresh, and then calm downCome, start your journey into nature!

Hair Conditioner-Female Ufa Recipe

Hair Conditioner-Female Ufa Recipe

[Source]: Folk diet recipe[Materials]: 200 grams of tofu, 100 grams of kelp, fine salt, ginger, green onion, peanut oil, each amount.

  Production: 1.

Soak the kelp in warm water, wash it and cut into rhomboid pieces; cut the tofu into large pieces, put it in a pot and add water to boil, remove and let it cool, and cut into small dices.


Heat peanut oil in the pot, add scallion, ginger and fragrant incense, add tofu, kelp, and inject an appropriate amount of water to boil. Then replace with low heat and simmer, add salt, simmer to kelp, and add tofu.

  〖Features〗: smooth and fragrant, oily but not greasy.

  〖Description〗: This dish is made from tofu and qi, and moisturizes, clears heat and detoxifies the tofu.

Kelp is rich in various nutrients such as iodine and mannitol.

Iodine is a major complication in preventing large thyroid tumors and maintaining normal thyroid function. Mannitol is effective in the treatment of acute renal failure and cerebral edema.

The kelp tastes salty and cold, has a soft, firm and loose knot, dispels heat and water, and reduces lipids and blood pressure.

Because kelp is rich in iodine, it is also a good food for UFA hair.

Women recognize the beauty of their hair, so they should eat more iodine and other foods in their daily lives.

Discussion on Student Inter-Class Management

Discussion on Student Inter-Class Management

Between classes is the time for students to eliminate learning fatigue and be active.

Our school strengthens the management of students from two aspects, which greatly promotes students’ learning and physical health.


Formulate school routine requirements to address the various undesirable phenomena of students during the classroom. From the perspective of improving the quality of students in all aspects, establish our school routine requirements: to develop a good habit of taking breaks between classes and not to play dangerous games;Make full use of time to rest, do not read books and do homework between classes; do the pre-class preparations carefully, do not be busy after class; do not enter the office casually, let the teacher rest and work well; the amount of inter-class activities should be moderate and easy, Happy, ca n’t be tired and sweaty; obey grades in activities, do n’t be loud, run, chase; be disciplined during class activities, do not hit people, scold others, work in class, leave school; use polite words for people,Speak Mandarin, do not speak swear words, swear words; keep indoor and outdoor tidy, open doors and windows, circulate air; do not move indoors, do not eat snacks, do not litter the peel shell; 2.

Organize the study of each class. Regular routines require us to use the school’s blackboard newspaper, window, red scarf radio station, squadron activities, class meetings, morning meetings, etc. to vigorously publicize the regular management requirements of the classroom, and gradually form a standardized classroom requirements.
In addition, students are often organized to carefully study the regular requirements between classes, so that everyone understands and forms their own behavior.

We have also incorporated the general requirements for class management into the content of class assessments. The School Teaching Office organizes supervision, comparisons, and announces the status of each class every week to form a supervision mechanism. Students gradually develop good behavioral habits during the class.

Rugby moves for weight loss

Rugby moves for weight loss

According to the fitness instructor, boxing is an aerobic exercise that matches the rhythm of music with a punch and kick. Due to the strong instantaneous explosive power, the limbs have a large range of changes, and the amount of exercise is more than traditional aerobics.It is an effective “slimming” exercise.

Just 15 to 20 minutes of dancing, which is equivalent to about 30 minutes of aerobic dance, can consume at least two or three hundred cards.

  It is worth mentioning that almost all the movements in aerobic boxing require the waist and abdomen to maintain balance and strength, so the exercise of the waist and abdomen in some classes exceeds any other fitness method.

Therefore, it is very suitable for modern people who have been sitting for a long time, causing adults to accumulate on the waist and abdomen.