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Symptoms of pelvic fluid have some common manifestations

Symptoms of pelvic fluid have some common manifestations

In gynecological diseases, pelvic fluid is a common disease and is frequently ill.

Most female pelvic fluids are caused by pelvic inflammatory disease. If the treatment of acute pelvic inflammatory disease is not timely or the treatment is not complete, it will lead to pelvic fluid.

So do you know how much harm pelvic fluids can cause?

What are the common symptoms of daily pelvic fluid?

The harm of pelvic fluid 1 affects normal life pelvic fluid often causes lower abdominal pain, anal bulge, back pain, backache, or sudden lower abdominal pain, gradual pain for bulging, increased symptoms during activities, seriously affecting normal learning,Life, work, etc.

2, leading to infertility if chronic infections, may be gynecological systems such as ovarian, fallopian tube inflammation, may also be caused by tuberculosis or tumors.

If not treated in time, it can affect the uterine end of the fallopian tube to cause complication adhesion, fallopian tube insertion, etc., leading to infertility, or abortion, small births, slippery and so on.

3, harm to other organs pelvic effusion treatment is not timely, can cause the spread of tissue around the pelvic cavity, affecting other organs in the pelvic area.

Such as usual abdominal pain, lumbosacral pain, increased vaginal discharge, gynecological examination of lower abdomen tenderness, strip-like thickening, etc., considering chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, the need for active treatment to prevent obesity, increased fluid volume.

Symptoms of pelvic fluid 1, the feeling of falling, lower abdomen, lumbosacral pain The main symptoms are feeling of falling, small abdominal depression or pain, chronic adhesion marks, and pelvic congestion, which can cause lower abdomen bulge, pain and lumbosacralSore.

Often tired, after sexual intercourse, more serious before and after menstruation.

2, the resistance to decline pelvic effusion systemic symptoms are not obvious, sometimes low fever, fatigue.

Some patients may have symptoms of neurasthenia, such as lack of energy, general discomfort, and insomnia.

When the patient’s resistance is poor, it is easy to have an acute, or subacute attack.

3, menstrual distortion due to pelvic congestion patients, may have menstrual; ovarian dysfunction, there may be menstrual disorders; tubal adhesions, can cause female infertility.

4, infertility is the most common symptom of pelvic fluid. If a female friend implants complications and the fallopian tube is blocked, infertility will occur. Generally, when clinical examination, the patient’s uterus position is found.Backward, causing restrictions on the activity, or adhesions.

5, abdominal pain If a female friend implants pelvic fluid, it will be due to chronic gradual adhesions, pelvic bleeding and other symptoms, some will have small abdominal pain, pain, falling pain and other symptoms, especially in tired or sexual lifeAfter that, the symptoms of pain will increase.

Expert advice: Women with pelvic inflammatory disease, it is best to go to the hospital for treatment in time.

In order to avoid the development of pelvic fluids caused serious damage.

Old people drink water often cough or stroke aura

Old people drink water often cough or stroke aura

On April 8, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke.

The generation of “Iron Lady” has a stroke, which makes people pay more attention to how to prevent this disease.

Now, there is a stroke every 6 seconds in the world. According to statistics, there are 2 million new stroke patients each year. Therefore, a sample of death causes shows that stroke has become the first cause of death for Chinese people.

Experts said that the stroke is focused on prevention, the complications of the existing underlying diseases of the blood vessels, and the etiology and complications of early screening complications, and appropriate interventions, may not occur or recurrent.

  ● Stroke will never lower the Ministry of Health Stroke Screening Base Hospital, the vice president of Shenzhen Second People’s Hospital, neurosurgery expert Li Weiping introduced, stroke is also called stroke, is a group of brain tissue damage or hemorrhagic injury symptoms and signsAs the main manifestation of acute cerebrovascular disease, hemorrhagic stroke is cerebral hemorrhage and venous stroke, namely cerebral infarction.

The convulsion caused by stroke in the brain, unconsciousness or sudden onset of mouth and eyes, half-length, strong tongue, mental retardation, etc., the injury is often sudden and not preventive and life-threatening.

  ”Most of the patient’s family feel that the stroke is a gradual accident, in fact it can be prevented.

Li Weiping said that the prevention of stroke is mainly divided into two parts, namely, finding and controlling risk factors.

The main method for finding risk factors is to go to the hospital for regular physical examination screening, which is assisted by a specialist, including blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipids.

Through screening, behavioral guidance or drug intervention can be given to severe patients early, delaying the progression of the disease, reducing the occurrence of stroke and subsequent disability.

  Risk factor control generally includes two types of control factors, one is behavioral changes, including a healthy diet, eating low cholesterol, low sugar diet, a variety of multi-fiber foods, more vegetables, green food.

It is also necessary to quit bad habits, including smoking, active smoking and passive smoking are the main factors of cerebrovascular disease.

Bad habits also include excessive drinking. The so-called excessive drinking is more than half a day or a can of beer.

If life is not normal, you should avoid it. “Everybody in many major competitions, cerebrovascular diseases will increase. Sometimes, when the World Cup is not sleeping at night or there are some major festivals, when you are not living regularly, it is very dangerous.time.

Like traditional Chinese festivals, everyone is excited, life will be irregular, and there will be dinners. At this time, excessive nutrition plus wine, at this time, especially high-risk groups should be careful.

The second is to strengthen exercise. Exercise is the most effective way to prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and it is also the most economical and safest way.

  ● Old people often drink water and cough. When they suffer from a stroke, they usually drink water. We all have experience of being caught too fast or too fierce. Ordinary people will not take it seriously, but if the elderly often drink water,Coughing should be alert to whether you have a stroke.

  Li Weiping pointed out that swallowing dysfunction is a common complication of stroke patients, and drinking water cough is the most obvious manifestation of swallowing dysfunction.

Physiologically, the occurrence of drinking water and cough is mainly caused by poor water retention during the oral period, delayed swallowing reflex, poor coordination of swallowing and poor functionality of soft palate.

However, stroke patients cause water and cough, which is caused by damage to the medullary swallowing center, causing pseudobulbar paralysis caused by ball paralysis or bilateral cortical brain stem damage.

Ball paralysis and lesions in the medullary swallowing delay the swallowing nerve reflex in the pharyngeal phase.

Pseudobulbar paralysis can cause serious diseases of oral diseases, hinder the regeneration of axons of neurons, poor neuronal channels, cause misdiagnosis, and cause diseases such as pneumonia.

  He suggested that elderly people over the age of 60, if they have difficulty swallowing food during eating, or drinking tea and drinking tea often cough, can not only think of oral and esophageal diseases, but also be alert to cardiovascular stroke complications.

  ● Patients with strokes should be cautious when they seek medical treatment. The strokes are sudden, especially the recovery of cerebral hemorrhage.

Li Weiping reminded that in order to escort patients to the hospital in a timely and safe manner, to avoid sudden increase in the condition of the disease, the following points should be noted when transporting patients: 1. Preparation before escort: Before escort, the emergency doctor should check the patient and measure blood pressure.Observe the pupil, breath or pulse.

If the patient is critically ill, it can be treated temporarily.

Antihypertensive drugs should be given when blood pressure is elevated. Dilated pupils or dyspnea are often caused by cerebral edema and increased intracranial pressure. They should be treated immediately with dehydrating agents.

  2, the patient is protected on the way: At this time, the family should hold the patient flat and can lie flat on the car. If there is no ambulance, the patient can be escorted by a flat tricycle.

Special personnel should be installed along the way to protect the patient’s head, avoiding head swaying and shaking.

The position of the head should be biased to the vertical position, so that the swallow can be displaced from the mouth without suffocation into the trachea.

Those who have difficulty breathing can inhale oxygen. If the patient’s consciousness is clear, give more persuasion and comfort. Excessive mental stress can make the condition worse.

  3, sent to the nearest hospital for treatment: stroke is a common disease, the general hospital has the conditions to cure the disease.

Sending to the nearest hospital can get timely treatment and reduce the shaking and bumps on the road.

Long-distance transportation, especially from nearby hospitals in the city, is not good or too dangerous. The result of long-distance transportation often makes the condition suddenly worsen and the chance of rescue is lost.

Elderly patients with diuretics

Elderly patients with diuretics

Tissue tissue swelling occurs when there is excessive body fluid accumulation in the human tissue space, and the skin is bright, which is called edema. It can be divided into systemic and localized edema.

Diuretics act directly on the kidneys, which can increase the discharge of electrolytes and water, increase the amount of urine, and thus eliminate the effect of edema.

  Most of the elderly are high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, etc., and are prone to edema.

There are a large number of elderly people in their daily lives who abuse a variety of diuretics to reduce swelling, but the contraindications to diuretics and the opposite are poorly known, causing vigilance.

Such as cirrhosis ascites pathological basis is hypoproteinemia and portal hypertension, if you do not improve liver function for the cause of treatment, the use of diuretics alone is often difficult to work; gout patients with diuretics will inhibit uric acid excretion, can aggravate the condition; athlete’s footThe cause of edema caused by pathology is the lack of vitamin B1, which is ineffective with diuretics; the use of diuretics in diabetic patients is not conducive to the control of blood sugar.

  In addition, the impurities of diuretics can not be ignored.

Potassium diuretics such as spironolactone and triamterene can cause hyperkalemia, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and even sudden cardiac arrest.

Diuretic acid, furosemide, double gram and other potassium-sparing diuretics can cause water resonance disorder, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, diarrhea, hypotension, etc.; combined with digitalis drugs can cause poisoning; excessive dose can cause acute hearing lossEven deafness; for patients with liver disease, double grams also have the risk of inducing hepatic coma.

  Therefore, the elderly should use diuretics with caution.

Even if it is really necessary to use it, it should be reasonably applied under the guidance of a doctor, and should not be repeated for a long time.

Bladder acne is too serious to eat what can be removed

Bladder acne is too serious to eat what can be removed

Eating zinc, a food containing zinc and calcium, can increase resistance, accelerate protein synthesis and cell regeneration, and promote healing of acne scars, while calcium can calm nerves.

Many foods rich in zinc, such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc.

Milk is the first choice for calcium supplements. Eat more vitamins, especially vitamin A, B2, B6, C, E.

Because vitamin A has a regenerative effect on the skin.

When combined with zinc, it can no longer inhibit epithelial cell proliferation and hair follicle transition keratinization, but also regulate sweat gland secretion and reduce the erosion of acidic metabolites on the skin.

Vitamin C can effectively repair tissues damaged by acne.

Vitamins B2 and B6 can participate in the metabolism of proteins and promote micro-metabolism, accelerate cell biooxidation, and calm acne.

Vitamin A-containing foods generally include spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, and fish eggs; soybean oil, nuts and algae such as fungus, and Hericium erinaceus are rich in vitamin E; while foods containing vitamin B2 and B6 are concentrated in green leaves.Vegetables and fish.

Eat more crude fiber foods can promote gastrointestinal motility to accelerate metabolism, so that excess oil is excreted as soon as possible.

Such foods include whole wheat bread, whole grains, soybeans, and bamboo shoots.

One bogey: avoid fatty and thick taste.

Chinese medicine believes that acne originates from overeating and fat, so it should eat less fat, sputum and other greasy foods and high-quality foods.

Such as: animal fat, animal brain, egg yolk, sesame, peanuts and various sugar and sugary cakes and other foods should also eat less.

Two bogey: avoid spicy and warm.

Because spicy foods are easy to stimulate nerves and blood vessels, it is easy to cause acne recurrence.

Kinds of food such as wine, strong tea, coffee, chili, garlic, leeks, dog meat, chicken, shrimp, etc. are not suitable for consumption.

In addition, foods such as lamb, chicken, pumpkin, longan, chestnut, and squid that are sweet are also eaten during treatment.

Old people have a big problem

Old people have a big problem


Weakness: Common causes are decreased heart function, anemia, lacunar infarction, hypothyroidism, infection or taking diuretics, sedatives, etc.


Dizziness: Common causes are cerebral arteriosclerosis, cervical spondylosis, heart failure caused by heart disease or arrhythmia, orthostatic hypotension, cerebellum or vestibule, taking drugs.


Low back pain: Possible causes include degenerative lumbar degeneration, osteoporosis, lumbar disc herniation, compression fracture, and multiple myeloma and metastatic tumors.


Loss of appetite: Possible causes are gastric mucosal lesions, infection, heart failure, liver disease, uremia, taking drugs, etc.


Poor sleep: may be damaged by the disease, excessive nocturia, early dementia and so on.

Doctors will generally learn more about the patient’s sleep habits, drinking habits, medications, etc.

Cognitive function tests should be performed in patients suspected of having Alzheimer’s disease.

  In addition, the elderly should also pay attention to their own health investment, and regular physical examinations.

It is recommended that the elderly over the age of 60 have a full physical examination once a year.

Those who are obese and have dyslipidemia or cardiovascular disease should be examined annually.

People over the age of 60 must check the bone density once a year, and then continue to follow up according to changes in the body.

In order to prevent colorectal cancer, the elderly also need to do a fecal occult blood test once a year, at least 1 anal finger test and sigmoidoscopy.

The most convenient for the elderly to exercise at the bedside

The most convenient for the elderly to exercise at the bedside

Some older people are restricted by age and body and cannot go outdoors. They do not hinder the following fitness methods.

You can easily get fit by spending a little time getting up or going to bed.

  Weaving therapy: sitting on the bed, legs straight and close together, the toes facing forward, straight, and the palms of both hands push the direction of the toes.

At the same time, the upper body leans forward and exhales outwards. The hands should be pushed correctly to the toes. When pushed to the forward position, keep the posture for 3 seconds, change the palms again, and inhale.

30 round trips, 1 each morning and evening.

This fitness method has the function of massaging the internal organs and regulating the function of the gastrointestinal tract. It can prevent and treat diseases of the digestive system and cardiovascular system.

  Pillow therapy: Use a cotton cloth to sew a cloth bag about 1 meter long and about 35 centimeters in diameter, filled with cotton wool or sponge to make an oval long pillow.

Sleep should be on the side, arms and pillows, the lower part of the long pillow can be placed under the thigh.

This feasible elderly sleep well, can also open the shoulder joints, reduce the “morning stiffness” of the upper limb joints, prevent and treat arthritis.

  Huang Hai therapy: sitting on the bed with both legs on the bed, put the palms of the hands on the top, the eyes are slightly closed, the tongue is pressed against the upper jaw, and the waist is used as the axis, slowly rotating, the waist should be tilted when rotating, and the upper body is tilted forward.

Rotate 30 times from right to left, then 30 times from left to right, each rotation for about 25 seconds, all about 30 minutes, usually before going to bed.

This method can regulate the brain and has preventive and therapeutic effects on diseases such as neurasthenia, indigestion, constipation, gastroenteritis and the like.

Rose woman and cabbage woman, a woman is happier?

Rose woman and cabbage woman, a woman is happier?

Connotation and appearance, which is the most important thing for women?

Which is the standard for society to recognize a woman?

Are some women happier?

  There are two women in the world. One woman lacks the depth of the soul, but has a feminine appearance like a rose. The other is as plain as a plain cabbage, but it contains the inner high.

Let them call the rose girl and the cabbage girl for the time being.

  Rose girl will never be lonely, walking on the street, there are men to give you a bag, riding a train, a man will make a seat for you, step into the ballroom, a man is invited to attend, and at home, there is a man who delivers tea. Some people say: a woman has beautyIf you have everything, this sentence is too absolute, but it is not a lot of wind.

  ”Homer’s Epic” writes that two tribes have fought for hundreds of thousands of people in order to compete for the beautiful Helen. But the elders of the victorious Troya tribe saw Helen and said: “No one is blaming this.The war, because she is indeed an immortal goddess!

“The charm of a rose woman can be seen.

  However, the cabbage woman is not so lucky. Don’t say that letting hundreds of thousands of people fight for ten years for you is not an easy task for a man to charge for you for life.

It is no exaggeration to say that from the day of birth, the cabbage woman is destined to suffer more despair and frustration than the rose woman.

  However, God is fair, he will not let a person get all or all lost, and the cabbage woman also has a place to be proud, that is: they are often more likely to get true love than the rose woman.

Rose women are eye-catching because they are eye-catching and they don’t have to work on the body.

The weak and weak inner quality has laid the lead for the tragedy of the rose woman’s love. The man who pursues the rose woman is often the woman’s appearance, the appearance always has to fade, and the rose woman has noThe inner things can be replaced. Once there is a new rose, the future of the rose woman in love can be imagined.

Rose women can look for what she wants with beauty, but they are not easy to find a true lover.

  Cabbage women are different, because they lack the glamour and fragrance of roses, they like to make a fuss about it, or be gentle and considerate, or learn to be profound, or be kind and honest, or talented. They know that the appearance is given by the aunt, and there is nothing they can do to change.The only thing that can be caught is the change in life.

And those men who dare to go to the cabbage women are mostly those who value wisdom more than those who value their appearance.

  Compared with the proportion of roses, the external conditions of the man found by the cabbage may not be so pleasing, but they can withstand the wind and rain, and the ice and snow hit, it is easier to go hand in hand with themselves.

  No woman does not want to be born with beauty, and no man does not want his lover to fall into the country.

However, beauty and connotation are often not compatible, and some women are happier. Among them, men are more than visionary, and those who are benevolent see the wise and see wisdom.

Autumn tonic taboo

Autumn tonic taboo

According to the principle of “Yangyang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter”, it has now entered the season of autumn tonic.

As the saying goes: “In the summer, there is no disease in three points.” When the autumn arrives, although the climate is cool in the morning and evening, the autumn tigers are still raging, so people are easily burned, weak, and staying, etc. At this time, tonic is necessary.

  However, tonic can not be supplemented, should pay attention to the five taboos: avoid no disease tonic and no disease tonic, both to increase spending, but also harm themselves.

If you take too much cod liver oil can cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose can cause weight gain.

Increased blood cholesterol, easy to intervene in the cardiovascular; avoid the name of the tonic to think that the price of the drug can help the body, ginseng prices are high, but also the holy medicine in tonic, so take more people.

In fact, excessive consumption of ginseng will lead to excessive excitement, irritability, high blood pressure and nostril bleeding; the principle of ignoring the truth is that the virtual person should not make up the supplement.

There are yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency and qi and blood deficiency in the virtual disease.

Symptomatic medication can replenish the body, otherwise it will be counterproductive and will hurt the body; any overdose is harmful.

Therefore, tonic should be appropriate; avoid taking medicine to eat heavy drugs light food is unscientific, medicine is not as good as food supplement.

Avoid the damage caused by jogging

Avoid the damage caused by jogging

For the same ordinary person, jogging requires a higher level of technology than sprinting.

Dash, the average person rushed for a hundred meters, and rested, and in a matter of seconds, the next day, the legs were sour, there was no trouble.

Jogging is completely different!

Ordinary people may be able to run a clock and not too tired.

However, if the technical action is not correct, pressure will be generated at the joint. If the appropriate rest is not relieved, the result is pain. The most common is the “running knee”.


hzh {display: none; }  步幅和步频  至于怎样的技术动作才是“正确”的,莫说一是。But the key is the brisk movement!

The speed of running is determined by the stride and the stride frequency.

Jogging is better than running fast, and the pace must be small. This is natural for everyone to understand, but what about the pace?

The average person’s walking frequency when jogging is much lower than running fast!

You can try counting and estimate it at around 150-160 steps/minute.

What is wrong with slow pace?

The slow pace means that the body is emptied for a long time. From the ordinary physics, it shows that the body moves in the vertical direction. Then the impact on the body when landing is naturally great, and the injury may naturally be large.

Also, slow pace is easy to lead and is an important factor in running injuries.

  So, how fast does the step frequency need to be?

There are no strict specifications here, just a rough range, 180 steps / minute.

If you try it, you will find that this step is too fast!

If you run a 1500 race, you should be fine with this step.

However, when jogging, this step is too fast for the average person!

Because the brain’s understanding of jogging is “slow” running, the step frequency is “slow”. The jogging should be understood as slow in speed, not slow in motion, that is, maintaining a certain step frequency of 180, reducing steps.The frame slows down.

The benefit of doing this is naturally: reduce the possibility of injury!

Having said that, if you don’t tell me how to keep the pace of 180 when jogging, I am sorry for you!

In fact, when I was jogging, I sometimes unconsciously slowed down the pace.

The following method believes that someone knows it, but I do think it out.

Use your swing arm!

The average person runs, the swing arm is basically passive, just follow the movement of the legs to maintain the balance of the body.

Think about it, if you take the initiative to swing your arms?

By the same token, your legs will passively swing your legs in order to maintain your balance, hehe!

Because the arm has no load, the swing arm is relatively effortless!

The swing arm of the Chinese women’s long-distance runners is in line with this principle. The swinging arm is low, the amplitude is small, the frequency is naturally fast, and the pace is fast!

If your pace is fast, the pace will naturally be lighter.

In order to maintain the jogging speed, it is necessary to further shorten the stride, and the small step does not matter. It is king to achieve the exercise effect!

  If the arch is collapsed enough if the foot is not enough, the plantar tendon will gradually age.

If you are overweight, or exercise too much, and do not pay attention to relaxation, the tendon elasticity is not enough, it will cause the arch to collapse, or there is a trend of flat feet.

After the arch of the foot is collapsed, the lower leg part will collapse as it is not supported enough to cause the tilt to bend and overstretch the tendon of the part.

Causes increased pain.

Because the legs are no longer at right angles to support the body, it can cause tension in the waist muscles.This will take a long time to walk, which can cause back pain or spinal disease.

If the arch is really collapsed, the solution is one. Use the arch pad to pad the arch.

  When walking, pay attention to the parallel walking of the two feet, and experience the gravity height to move the foot to the outside, because the lateral tendon is much stronger than the ankle.

Can reduce the inner bend.

  (Additional saying: Parallel walking seems to make sense. In fact, it is to avoid the problem. The structure of the normal person’s foot is that the foot should be placed under the force. If the foot is hardened, the force is changed to the outside of the foot.Nature.

I used to pay special attention to parallel walking, because I need to move my toes straight forward, but the end result is that the more I run, the more tired, the lower the score.

Strength and endurance should be improved at the same time because people’s aerobic capacity can be improved with exercise, so it is almost “infinite.”

Endurance exercise is basically a long-term, long-distance exercise.

In general, the same muscle groups will fatigue.

However, if you exercise at the same time as endurance, the strength of the muscles (legs) will cause fatigue and injury to those muscle groups.

  Strength exercise can be a short-distance repeated sprint run (for example: speed up 50 meters, then inertia 50 meters), interval to fully recover (jogging), avoid lactic acid accumulation.

Relaxation is the key.

  Relax while breathing, relax, and relax.

When you are tired, you can breathe with your nose and mouth, touch the upper tip of your tongue, keep breathing in three steps, and try not to change the breathing rate unless you are sprinting.

I used to have two steps of breathing in the past, and I felt a little bit rushed. It was a bit disgusting after running.

It seems that the breathing method has to be changed.

  Jogging is a good aerobic exercise, but some people are not suitable for this kind of exercise, especially those with cardiovascular problems or older people, should pay more attention to avoid the damage caused by jogging.

  People with heart-cardiac vascular disease should do a “health check”, such as an electrocardiogram or high blood pressure measurement, and do a gentle jog or no jogging with the permission of the physician.

Heel – Because the weight of the foot is 3 times the weight of the body, the tendon is prone to inflammation. In addition to warming up, do not run too long or too long, too fast.

Contraction – Due to stress and excessive friction, or deterioration of osteoporosis, care should be taken not to overdo it.

The front end – due to the weight of the spine is too large, its intervertebral lamina or osteoarthritis, should pay attention to shock, wear running shoes or strengthen the back, abdominal muscles.

Fatigue fractures – long-term stress caused by weight, such as bone pain, should be noted.

Toe and heel pain – When the lateral ligament or tendon is injured, the heel is bruised and the pain in the sole of the foot should be noted for stability and suspension.

Blister-motion friction occurs, should wear a slightly thicker sports socks and appropriate sports shoes.

With the joints – due to excessive movement of the thighs, rest should be reduced to exercise or gentle leg movements.

Others – kidney hematuria, heat stroke, shock, abdominal pain; should pay attention to add water and salt.

Four kinds of therapeutic methods for patients with epididymitis to recommend patients with epididymitis

Four kinds of therapeutic methods for patients with epididymitis to recommend patients with epididymitis

Epididymitis is a common disease in men with epididymitis. This disease causes a lot of health damage to men, and there are many difficulties in recovering. It is necessary to understand more about epididymitis.What are the dietary treatments for men and women with epididymitis?

4 kinds of therapeutic methods for epididymitis 1, stir-fry, saplings, seedlings, seedlings, seasonings, the right amount.

Wash the moss, the seedlings, cut into sections, put the amount of oil in the pot and heat it, then sauté the onion ginger, and then sauté the moss, saplings, etc., stir-fry until cooked, put salt, MSG and other seasoning Serve.2 doses per day.

2, snow lotus lean broth snow lotus 10g, pig lean meat 100g, seasonings appropriate amount.

Wash the snow lotus; wash the lean meat, cut the block of acute orchitis diet, put it into the pot, add some water to boil, then snow the lotus, cook until the lean meat is cooked, add chopped green onion, salt, monosodium glutamate, pigFat, ginger, pepper and other seasonings, 1 dose per day.

3, chrysanthemum eggplant, chrysanthemum 40g, eggplant, seasonings, the right amount.

Boil the chrysanthemum with water for about 30 minutes and remove the juice from the slag.

Wash the eggplant, cut into slanted slices, stir fry until it is cooked in a hot oil pan, add in onion, ginger, starch and chrysanthemum juice, stir fry for a while, and add some sesame oil, 1 dose per day.

4, Houttuynia radish mixed with squid, radish, seasonings, the right amount.

Wash the fish, radish, clean, cut into sections; ginger washed, shredded; garlic washed, cut into pieces; washed with green onion, cut into pieces.

Put the houttuynia and radish into the dish, add ginger, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce, and mix well with chicken essence, 2 doses a day.

Concerned about the diet therapy of epididymitis disease, and when it is done in the disease, I believe that it plays a key role in the cure of the disease. May every patient with epididymitis disease improve the diet after the illness, and stay away from it soon.Disease, torture and perfusion of diabetes.

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Male epididymitis usually has some symptoms